My work is geometric and constructed from a grid. It involves symmetry and patterns and requires that I measure and calculate before tracing onto canvas or board.
First, from a palette of red, black, white, blue and yellow acrylics, I paint abstract forms out of straight edged geometric shapes or symbols. Once done, I proceed to the paper part of the project: covering the unpainted portion of the surface with pasted pieces of printed material. As done previously with paint, I collage paper according to geometry, symmetry and patterns. I work essentially with dictionaries for the linearity of the text which, along with the margins, I use to create shapes.

The expected result is a piece where paint and paper have found their own balance on the surface and where there is harmony between geometric planes. Lines of both painted and pasted areas extend, complement and overlap harmoniously yet do not intersect. It is a piece where text and paint have their separate story to tell. They exist individually on the surface yet when juxtaposed, unite into a single entity.

My original intent as a mixed media artist was to connect to the viewer using straight lines and simples shapes that most of us can relate to. Then straight lines became too constricting and I started including curves into my work. This step came to represent a desire to be more open and honest with the viewer and led me recently, to incorporate transparency into my work.